About me

Ed Schimmel
Pop Artist in Australia
Born and raised in The Netherlands I moved to Australia in 2013, where I started to make prints.
My first prints were mainly landscapes and nature in a modern graphic style.

They are very popular and the focus point in every room.

At a certain point I decided to approach the traditional animal print a bit differently. My love for cartoons and the desire to simplify the subject resulted in the Cubes series.

This series is also very popular and I always enjoy to find a way to ‘cubenize’ an animal.

My Pop Art series is sparked by a friend, who showed me some more work of Lichtenstein. After that I read some books about Pop Art and I really like the ideas behind it.

A bit like Lichtenstein I sometimes add text to my prints. I like it that text has the power to make people see images, which are not even in the actual print.

Around 2018 I started to paint. A few of my paintings can be found on the website. Some of them I got attached too and are no longer for sale, but I can make a similar one on commission.

Recently, I started a series of digital minimalist artworks which can be found on OpenSea


A commission is a good option if you like my work and want something personal. I have done a few commissions in the past and the customers were very pleased with the result. I am looking forward to hear your ideas for a personal print, painting or mural.

My work can be found in collections in USA, UK, The Netherlands and Australia.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.