Experience Minimalism

My first NFT project will contain 365 unique artworks. In 2022, I will make one unique, minimalist artwork for each day of the year.

Minimalism has always appealed to me, as there is a lot of overlap with my previous work. This collection gives me the opportunity to explore colors and shapes like I have not done before. All days of the same week will form a small series themself, which allows you to buy a few artworks in the same style.

I can see how these minimalist artworks can be unique presents for your loved ones, their birthdays, and anniversaries. Imagine a wall full of colorful prints or canvases, one for every family member.

  • Each NFT contains a link to a high-resolution image that can be printed on a format of 60x60cm at 300dpi.
  • My artworks are digital but not computer-generated. Each image is created manually by me. If you like to have a painted version of your NFT, you can contact me about the details and the price.
  • Besides the paintings, I will not reproduce any of the sold NFTs in any other form. Unsold NFTs will not be reproduced by me for at least one year.
  • When you are the first buyer of the NFT, you are in full control. Holding on to the NFT will guarantee the uniqueness of the print and the painting.
    If you decide to sell it, the next buyer will also be able to make a print or request a painting.
  • I will add a list of paintings that I have made as part of this NFT project. It will give you transparency about the uniqueness of the related artworks before you buy.
  • You can contact me to reserve an NFT for a future date.

This series will grow steadily. Be sure to keep an eye out for your special dates.

You can have a look at the Experience Minimalism series, here on my website or on Opensea.io, where you can buy the NFTs and the included artworks.

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